Enterprise Suite

Growth Suite plus Staff Value Program

Leader Group will offer you all the essentials including: 

  • compliance accountancy and taxation services;
  • access to all our team members' expertise;
  • monthly e-newsletter;
  • exclusive online knowledge bank; and
  • business improvement seminars.

As well as the ... 

Business Life Planning Program

The Business Life Planning strategy that your Leader Group Manager will guide you through is designed to pinpoint the next steps to achieve your business goals and optimise profits. With the support of MYOB's Profit Optimiser, we can generate a wide range of reports using your existing financial data to see the impact of any changes in your business on the bottom line. 

Staff Value Program

When it comes to growing your business and implementing change, you're going nowhere without the support of your greatest assets ? your staff. That's why the Enterprise Suite investigates your business life cycles while involving your staff. The Staff Value Program allows for your people to get involved on a suitable level where they can voice their opinion, ideas and share experiences whilst also expressing their job satisfaction levels and needs. Their contributions form an invaluable source of focus areas for your business and assists greatly in identifying and prioritising issues to be addressed. 

Working with predominantly SME business owners, we have gained invaluable experience in understanding the impact of your business on your personal life, and vice versa. The Enterprise Suite is designed to ensure that there is a healthy balance. 

Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss the most appropriate solution for you.

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